“We laughed because the world is absurd and beautiful and small”

We are at a small break in my first graphic design class ever! I have to say it’s challenging to go back to using a PC when I’ve been Mactastic for almost two months now. But I guess it’s pretty advantageous that I can do both :)

One of my oldest friends, Becka, started her own graphic design company called C3 Media Studios. We were best friends all throughout middle and high school. We always sat next to each other, doodled on each others’ papers, passed notes, talked about everything, and even got suspended together once. I messaged her today and told her I was taking my first photoshop tutorial tonight. This was her response:

“THAT’S SO EXCITING! you’ve always been a natural artist at heart – remember all of those freehand designs you drew using song lyrics? i can’t wait to see what sort of amazing work you’ll come up with. keep in touch with me <3”

And it really touched me and made me so happy, because she is one of the people that knows me best, and I’ve always wanted to do this. And she has her own digital media company! She’s a rockstar. Seriously. Check them out HERE.

Below is a 3 minute doodle I scribbled down right before class. I think I’ll call it, “My very last drawing before having any design knowledge whatsoever”. ;)


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