“This world is hopeless, but I love it anyway”

Wonderful, amazing, busy life! Everyone should be excited to wake up each day. And even though there is always so much to keep up with and things re moving fast… I like it that way. Yeah, yeah I do. 2 jobs, 2 classes, sunshine, the smell of the ocean, a longboard and some friends. OH, and some Raven’s football! :) Coffee. Reading. Love. Music. Laughing. Such has been life lately, and I’m so humbled and grateful for all of it.

Today I had my 2nd “Writing the Creative Brief” class, and we had guest speakers come in from a creative agency in San Diego. It was AWESOME! I’m thinking maybe having classes in one month periods is the right idea… because I feel like I’m truly learning more in this certificate program than I have in most of my college classes. There you learn things, but it’s more like theories and basic information vs. skills that you can use in a job when you graduate. They don’t transition you well- they waste a lot of your time at Universities. Theses classes are giving me plans and skills I can say I have and use towards what I want to do. Why do I have to graduate from college to begin getting this though? Isn’t that what college is supposed to be…?

Regardless, the class was awesome. I’m going to add all three of the guys hosting my class tonight on LinkedIn tomorrow. :)

I am just happy :) I feel like pieces are coming together, and they will only continue to do so.

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