“I wanna see the morning light”

BLOG! I have neglected you for far too long, I’m sorry and I promise not to let it happen again :) Tis the life of a busy human being trying to find her way in this crazy world… I know you can relate.

Well I must admit, I have been feeling a bit disheartened lately about some small things. And as much as I try not to let them harbor, build, and conquer from the inside out, sometimes feelings simply win.

Mostly my dilemma has been with my career path. Where is it going? What am I doing? I know this may sound like a quarter life crisis, but I assure you; it is not (despite the fact that my 25th birthday is this Sunday). It is actually just me and the way I’ve always been; pushing myself, searching for the next goal to pursue and conquer, the next hill to climb or experience to notch on my belt.

I have always been a determined person, and I truly enjoy being that way! The feeling of moving forward and taking steps to bring myself closer to what I want to be is one of the truest fulfillments. Being stationary is relaxing for maybe a weekend or vacation. But when it comes to the every day of this life, I am happiest juggling a few things I am interested in- including but not limited to: working in a fulfilling job (or two, or three…), continuing to learn, and passionately developing creative projects. Throw in some friends, the ocean, yoga… this is a happy life to me.

The problem is, and has been lately, that only so much of this is in my control. I have been feeling more helpless than is the case recently, which is very unlike me. Today I realized this though: I MADE IT IN SAN DIEGO. I moved across the country from Maryland and I have lived here for a year and half on my own- I’ve made it, San Diego (Now all I need is a new license and plates, which I have been putting off for about one year and 5 months).

I digress; that was an enormous goal and I have achieved it! I am over the hump of moving to southern California, which is what I’ve wanted to do for YEARS. So…. Now what? Is this how Thomas Edison felt after he invented electricity? Probably. Am I audacious to compare myself to Thomas Edison? Definitely.

Setting up your career is a goal that takes consistent time and relentless effort. There is no set of steps, no hidden recipe or proven methods to get you there. It is different for each of us, and that is both so inspiring and so disheartening at the same time. It begs the question, “Where the fuck do I begin?”


Anywhere. I guess that’s the real answer. Begin anywhere. Take ONE step forward. Don’t overwhelm yourself with your ultimate career goal and look for the job you want to have in fifteen years right now. Just because you won’t get it right now doesn’t mean you won’t get it later. We all need to prove ourselves- that is just the way it works. Start a little smaller. Make yourself known in any way that you can. Most of all, this means have the courage to put yourself out on a limb, and always believe that you are of value. If we undervalue ourselves, who is to say others won’t do the same?

We need to have confidence in ourselves when it’s hardest. And we need to talk to people. Social media is wonderful, but the flow of human conversation and a person’s energy are irreplaceable, and worth more than 140 characters.

I have goals. They seem overwhelming, but I believe in my heart I will get there. So maybe instead of asking Redbull to take over their digital marketing and social media tomorrow, I’ll build my portfolio. I’ll network. I’ll do what I can with what I have.

What can you do with what you have, right now? What goals have you set for yourself that you can work towards? I didn’t know what was waiting for me in San Diego besides sunsets over the ocean and a little bedroom. But I went for it, and I’ve never regretted it, even in my hardest days. I guess I just need to take a lesson from myself and have a little more faith in my ability to climb high mountains and come down safely on the other side. But not before I stand at the top and enjoy the breath-taking view.

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