“The struggle is part of the story.”

I heard this quote the other day, and it has been resonating with me since. Last week was one of those weeks where you are wrestling with the bully in your mind all day long. And despite all the inspirational quotes on your Pinterest, you still find yourself at the end of the day slumped in the corner of the ring while self-doubt and discouragement are parading in the center. I know they have only won one round, but it is still exhausting.

I have always thought it was fascinating the way as human beings, we can feel our emotions SO strongly that we feel as if they are everlasting. My feelings (both positive and negative) often feel all-encompassing, even though I know logically they are not. When I’m feeling down I try to tell myself it is only temporary and tomorrow I will wake up feeling as if I have wiped the slate clean- and this is usually what happens. But in the very moment that I’m feeling these emotions, it can be really hard to see it ever dissipating.

So when I am going through shitty times like this, I find it is best not to pay myself much attention.

As much as I may want to just be alone, what always helps me without fail is being surrounded by people I love, or getting out and doing something I love. And if I can combine both into doing something I love WITH the people I love… well that’s just the very best option.

I don’t want to be around friends so they can ask me what’s wrong and coax me into finding the silver lining, because sometimes when you’re sad you just don’t want to think about it anymore. And sometimes you have just wound yourself up in a tizzy and don’t even know how to explain it to someone who isn’t riding the roller coaster in your head.I really want to be around them to get myself out of my head and into the present moment, where I should be. I want to just drive with them in the car and listen to music, or laugh about something ridiculous. I want them to tell me what is going on in their life, or go do something outside to sort of wake me up again. We all need those friends that will drag us into doing what they know is best for us, even when we don’t.

I have these people in my life, and I am a very lucky girl.

I have these people in my life, and I am a very lucky girl.

Some may think over analyzing our issues until they have been picked through and sorted is the key to understanding and thus solving them. But the truth is, some things simply can’t be solved, even by most intelligent or dedicated minds. The wisest of us knew this.

We need to get a grip and understand that we just won’t understand everything, much less will we be able to control it. So when you feel like you’re losing your marbles like I did, stop what you’re doing and go spend a few hours with someone you love. I guarantee it will put things a bit more into perspective for you, and you won’t feel so alone or confused. And then try and turn your brain off and open your eyes to what is right in front of you, because there is so much to be grateful for- and if you keep looking down you’re simply going to miss it. I almost did.

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3 thoughts on ““The struggle is part of the story.”

  1. MIA!!! I LOVE YOUR BLOG. :)

  2. Right back at ya! Miss your positivity and radiant face! Please let me know if you come back to MD so we can go on a little coffee date. Lot of love!! xoxo

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