“But there’s no one here who loves you like I do.”

Jamie and I have been working together for over three months! And while things are moving quickly (as usual), I’ve kept my gratitude attitude (as usual).Work comes more naturally now and Jamie and I are both extremely happy to have each other. I realized just how mutual it was when I had my three month evaluation the other day on her porch. On top of being her guidance and mentoring, she has became truly a great friend. How did I get so lucky?

We worked here the other day. Overlooking San Diego isn't so bad.

We worked here the other day. Overlooking San Diego isn’t so bad.

I’m moved to Ocean Beach and I have a feeling I will be here for a while. I’ve really settled in and made myself comfortable and it’s everything I’ve ever wanted from my own place. To top my California dreamin off, today I registered for  California license and plates. I realize you’re supposed to do this within 10 days of moving to the state… but so what if I’m almost 600 days late? Better late than never. Except they put a hole in my Maryland license, and gave me a piece of paper to carry around for two weeks. Nonetheless, it’s really for real now. The car is in my name, the license plates and license are registered to California. All I have to do now is… enjoy.

aaaaand it's official.

aaaaand it’s official.

When I’m not working with a great friend and securing my residency, I’ve been writing a lot lately. Not in here, clearly – sorry, it’s not personal – but for USA Swimming’s Splash Magazine and press release and Op-Ed’s for local newspapers. It all comes with PR/Marketing territory. And now I’ve gotten myself hooked on using two computer screens at a time. Rough life, right?

While I work hard, I make sure I never lose myself in it, and Jamie is great about that too. We have an adventure list which grows faster than we can check things off, and I have goals on my own list. One of which was to get good at surfing, and I’ve been doing a lot of practicing lately, even though the waves haven’t been great at all. I’ve been hanging with friends when I can, biking a helluva a lot and keeping a creative mind despite the fact that I haven’t  had any time to be creative lately.

I know there is so much to do and see in this world. I know I’ll never get to all of it (who does?) but I want to get to as much of it as I can. Which is why I make lists, all the time, of things to come. Some things on my random lists lately:

  • finish drawing on the vans – give them to Tyler.
  • plan a trip to Costa Rica with Kaitlin.
  • go up to San Jose for Toby’s art show and get the tattoo finished.
  • get the Coachella film developed.
  • take more creative photos with my phone.
  • surf surf surf surf – and look into a waterproof camera.
  • finish reading “On the Road” by Jack Kerouac. (seriously, Mia… finish the damn book already.)
  • see live music.
  • make art.

Stay tuned. This life is moving fast, and so am I. Thank you for everything. I’m in love with it all.

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