“Let’s make a plan for the afternoon.”

This is me right after surgery, pre-in-n-out-burger. Please note the flattering "eye-shields" taped to my face beneath the sunglasses.

This is me right after surgery, pre-in-n-out-burger. Please note the flattering “eye-shields” taped to my face beneath the sunglasses.

Nothing compares to being able to see without glasses or contacts after that is all you have known in your life. Clear vision has always come with assistance of an outside mechanism for me, but not anymore. Yesterday I had lasik surgery and today they told me my vision is 20/20.


What a gift.

After a minor breakdown in the car, Jamie reassured me that 1, we will be friends no matter how pleasant or unpleasant I am feeling, and 2, that everything would be ok. She went in with me to the office to fill out the paperwork and politely declined when they asked her to watch my surgery on five separate occasions. This made me chuckle. I felt confident about the procedure because my doctor, Doctor Afshari, is an incredibly a well-known opthamologic surgeon – and on top of that, extremely nice.

I was awake for the surgery, and the entire process took no more than 15 minutes. Then I was delivered to Jamie and we promptly drove to In-N-Out Burger. I got a chocolate milkshake to top the fat-kid order off and proceeded to eat the entire thing with my eyes closed. Jamie drove us home and  came inside as we nommed on some of the most delicious fast food I’ve ever had. Again, my eyes remained closed.  I’m sure there was hardly much conversation between us for those next few minutes. Although I barely remember it, Jamie said I was fading fast. Full, satisfied and extremely tired, Jamie left me with my Vicodin and I was sound asleep by 5 p.m.

I woke up this morning at 8:30. Vicodin is no joke, people.

Today Jamie came over and hung out with me a bit before she drove me to my post-op visit. She is a good friend. Dr. Afshari and four other surgeons examined my vision and were all amazed at how perfectly clean it was. They confirmed my eyesight was 20/20, reaffirmed my instructions for the next month (eye drops 4x a day, sleeping with the eye shields on and no beach/ocean for 30 days) and sent me on my way. Steph picked me up and drove me home, where I fought the urge to sleep more with a big salad and a long, intriguing episode of Sherlock.

Now here I am, reveling in perfect vision and contemplating what to do with the rest of my day off if I can’t exercise, work or surf.

What would you do?

Maybe I’ll paint my nails.

Chao for now.


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